Santa Rosa ACTS Ministries

Santa Rosa ACTS Ministries

Updated: 3/15/2016

Our mission:


The purpose of attending ACTS weekends is to build our faith community at Santa Rosa. Through a series of activities, our annual retreat weekends give parishioners an opportunity to share their faith journey. As a result, strong friendships are built, small-faith communities are formed, and individuals return home feeling strengthened and loved by their faith-filled weekend. ACTS members participate with all Santa Rosa community events not just as a group but as individual members who are committed to the parish. They celebrate with a corporate communion service once a month on the Second Sunday of the month. You will see them dispersed among the congregation.

The ACTS Core Team for Santa Rosa de Lima Catholic Church was formed On February 20, 2011.

ACTS Core Team Members:

Facilitator: David Ramirez    (512) 702-5436

Co-Facilitator: Donna Ramirez    (512) 508-4719

Other members: Delma Pace, Patricia Williams, Bea Burrell, Jerry Kelly, Thomas Peņa, Alex Ramirez, Gloria Johnson, Connie Ramirez

Currently the ACTS Core Team is in the process of planning the next upcoming retreat dates and locations. In the meantime, we invite all parishioners to participate in other parish community activities and ACTS events that are listed in the bulletin.

Questions about ACTS at Santa Rosa? Any core member may be consulted.

We, the ACTS Community, welcome all parishioners for faith-filled, spiritual weekends, as follows:

Next ACTS Men's Weekend Retreat Date: October 27-30, 2016

ACTS Men's Retreat Directors: Currently being selected.

Next ACTS Women's Weekend Retreat Date: 2017

Background information is available at:

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