Santa Rosa Special Announcements Email

Special Announcements is an informational email (e.g. "News Flash") sent by parish staff to bring attention to important news, events, or other announcements of interest to all parishioners that is above and beyond the utility of the weekly bulletin and may be sent at any time. Only those subscribing to our distribution list will receive the Special Announcement email. They can be requested by parishioners, ministry leaders, the Pastor, the Diocese, etc. but they must be announcements that would not normally be placed in the weekly bulletin.

  • What is the minimum info required from you to have an Special Announcement sent?
    • Subject line for the Special Announcement.
    • Contact information; name, email address and phone number.
    • Any other pertinent info about what the Special Announcement is about.
    • When you want it sent (if not "now", consider the weekly bulletin).
  • What information is allowed in a Special Announcement?
    • Santa Rosa Church events.
    • Emergency communications of Santa Rosa Church concern.
    • Something of a very high level of value and benefit to our church community as a whole and can't wait.
    • Emergency information of a Vatican or Catholic Diocese of Austin event involving Santa Rosa.
    • Funeral arrangements.
  • What a Special Announcement may not contain...
    • Private, non-local events that are not general invite for all parishioners.
    • General announcements of events (use the weekly bulletin for these).
    • Personal matters, chain letters, solicitations, business advertisements, political issues, etc.
    • Anything with no pre approval by the Pastor.
  • What you need to know about requesting an Special Announcement...
    • Content of the Special Announcement is to be in a text format readable by a standard Windows computer such as Microsoft Word, plain text, rich text format, etc.
    • Unlike standard bulletin announcements, photos and graphic elements may be included but must be in "jpg", "pdf" or "gif" format, not more than 100kb total and permission for use is required if copyrighted.
    • After approval by the pastor, email the church secretary Click here to email
      The approval from the pastor MUST accompany the request!
    • Apple Pages files cannot be used.
    • All requests subject to editing for content.
    • Special Announcements are not automatically included in the bulletin nor are they automatically included in the Mass announcements. Contact the church secretary for inclusion in the bulletin and Mass announcements.

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