Storm Damage on May 27, 2002

On the night of Monday, May 27, 2002, 9pm a severe thunderstorm roared through Andice, Texas and the surrounding area with 60 MPH straightline winds and golfball-sized hail. Trees were stripped of their leaves, many homes suffered broken windows on their western sides, roofs and vehicles were damaged. Our church rectory's metal roof was peeled off like the lid on a can of sardines and the inside was filled with 2 inches of rain water. Quick thinking of neighbors and the Florence Fire Department saved the rectory and its contents from more serious damage. Much of the roof was found in a neighbor's field up to a mile away. The inside of the rectory needed to be completely replaced; ceiling, walls, much of the furniture. The main church was not damaged.

Reporter: Mike Nappo
The back of the rectory the day after the storm.

The rectory after repairs.

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